picture of Sesquicentennial Charm or Pendant

The exclusive sesquicentennial piece is available either as a charm or pendant. The pendant features a stylish and secure rabbit ear bale which allows the piece to be exclusively worn on a chain as a necklace. The charm offers a more traditional round loop and jump ring finding to allow the versatility of displaying the piece either on a chain as a necklace, or affixed to a beloved charm bracelet.

Charm is 1" in diameter.

Please note: Herff Jones does not warranty against loss, we suggest having your charm or pendant attached to a bracelet or chain by a local jeweler of your choice). Herff Jones does offer charm bracelet and chain options (charm and pendant can each fit both) which may be purchased as well.

Vermeil=120 mils of 24K fine gold plate layered over genuine sterling silver.

GE= GE is a finely finished gold electroplate.
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